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Battle for the life of the world, the Protagonist ventures into the twilight world of foreign espionage on a quest that will unfold beyond real time.


Juhan Ulfsak                                      Passenger

Jefferson Hall                                    Well-Dressed Man

Ivo Uukkivi                                          Uniformed Official

Andrew Howard                               Driver

John David Washington                 Protagonist

Rich Ceraulo Ko                                 SWAT / Target

Jonathan Camp                                 SWAT 2

Wes Chatham                                    SWAT 3

Sander Rebane                                 Ukrainian SWAT

Martin Donovan                               Fay

Clémence Poésy                              Barbara



Per Henry Borch                               line producer: Norway

Ivo Felt                                                 line producer: Estonia

Thomas Hayslip                                 executive producer

Helen Medrano                                                associate producer

Christopher Nolan                           producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)

Marco Valerio Pugini                      line producer: Italy

Christian Ryge                                   line producer: Denmark

Dileep Singh Rathore                      line producer: India

Emma Thomas                                  producer (produced by) (p.g.a.)

Andy Thompson                               co-producer

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