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Best Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination List - 2020 on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Beyond the Imagination Hollywood Movies

    You may or may not be afraid of ghosts, but you can definitely feel from this movie list that we have told you and it can happen that your soul can get out.
    At this time, the ghost will take our life or not, but the person has become so bruised that the torture will kill him. The movie like A QUIET PLACE or DON'T BREATHE has changed the horror-movie's definition. And this is how horror-thriller was born to frighten us without ghost/ soul.

Top 10 Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination

    o ELI(2019)- Available @ NETFLIX

ELI Hollywood Movies Beyond Imagination 2020
        The story of a child with Ray disease who comes to a haunted house for treatment. this story is awesome
Screenplay: Ian B. Goldberg, David Chirchirillo, Richard Naing
Director: Ciaran Foy
Language: English
Budget: 1.1 crores US$

    o EDEN LAKE(2008)

Eden Lake Movies beyond imagination 2020
        A couple away from the city are eager to celebrate their holiday, but some bastardy teenagers ruin their mischief by their mischief.
Screenplay: James Watkins
Director: James Watkins
Language: English

Is Eden lake based on a true event?

* Yes this is based on a true event
* Eden Lake's marketing team told in an interview in a newspaper that it was based on a true

    o The Silence 2019

The Silance Movies beyond imagination 2020
        CARRIE movie is about a girl who behaves strangely That girl has the power to beat anyone, But no one knows. The other students make fun of that girl in college. She ignores this but once she goes to the pool party, those people drop mud on her head on stage. Now the real story begins. Now she shows her power.
Story by: Tim Lebbon
Screenplay: Shane Van Dyke, Carey Van Dyke
Director: John R. Leonetti
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